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April 20, 2022
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Fundraising meeting tomorrow, 6pm
Community grants will meet soon
We received 9 applications
  • Folic 9-12  All members asked to be responsible for two 2.5 hour shifts.  I you can’t be there, please find a substitute.
  • June 29 social in the evening, handing out community grants
  • August 17 10K Raffle
  • August 24 Teachers Luncheon
District Grants
Cannot do a district grant this year because no one went to orientation.
Also did not have enough members step forward to contribute to EREY
World Wide Grant
Puerto Rico Grant ongoing.  They would like to do a zoom meeting with our club  in order to fill us in on Libraries Without Borders.
Perhaps we can travel and do a club visit to Puerto Rico in November.
From Wisconsin Council of Churches.  Lutheran pastor Rev. Peder Johanson,Volunteer coordinator for Afghan response.
68,000 Afghans evacuated into US in 2 weeks, Most were placed at Fort McCoy
Unexpected refugees overwhelmed  Fort McCoy so Wisconsin Council of Churches recognized difficulty and immediate need so they stepped in to coordinate volunteers at Fort McCoy.
They now work with agencies for resettlement including training
Gov't does not do resettlement so various agencies handle it.  Previous reduction of refugees in the US has reduced funds resulting in the need for volunteers to help these groups
Phase 2 is to help congregations do the resettlement.  Moving assistance & child care are two of the basic needs
 They help groups do that work in their own community, become a welcoming community.  Provide cultural information.
6 agencies in Wi.  In Dane County there are Jewish Social Services & Open Door for Refugees.
Average family size is 8.  Apartment of appropriate sizes are difficult to fine.
We can help in Platteville by connecting to South West Community Action Program and Platteville Rotary Club
823 resettled in Wisconsin at this time, majority of those who were at Ft McCoy have been resettled in other states.
Largest Afghan communities are in California and DC area but they are saturated.
Starting to receive refugees from Afghanistan that have been staying outside of US. They  must apply and receive asylum within 12 months but no way that is going to happen so they have temporary protection.
We can advocate by pushing legislature to pass a bill which is sitting on a shelf in Washington.
We are waiting to get the Bill Number so we can advocate
Shawn Bollig asked about  Welcome US.
Being a refugee closing the door to returning to Afghanistan
For every one here there are 4 in Afghanistan who want to get out.
Afghans are eligible for employment as soon as they are resettled.  But it takes time.  Each family member is given money when resettled but looking for jobs.  Many are highly skilled.
5 Million asylum seekers have left Ukraine.
Their preference is to stay close to home with the intention of returning to Ukraine when conflict is over.
Some are flying into Mexico and coming across southern border
They are being treated well/ not like South American people
Child separation is happening with all.
We can help with resettlement for all refugees…with each one who helped resources are freed-up for the next person.
Below is information supplied by Rev. Peder Johanson
Volunteer Coordinator, Afghan Refugee Response
Wisconsin Council of Churches  
Apr 29, 2022
Jun 08, 2022
Jun 09, 2022
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Wisconsin Council of Churches Afghan Refugee Response
What we do:
  • Volunteer recruitment and coordination with various opportunities around the state
  • Encourage and facilitate congregational support of resettlement effort
  • Support congregational leadership in communities through resource sharing
Some information about Afghan resettlement in Wisconsin:
  • Up to 13,000 of the 65,000 Afghans evacuated to the US were at Fort McCoy for approximately 5 months
  • At last update, 823 Afghans resettled in Wisconsin - most from bases other than Fort McCoy
  • 235 Afghans from overseas are scheduled to arrive in Wisconsin over next few months. This is phase two of evacuation.
  • 6 agencies doing resettlement in Wisconsin: Jewish Social Services and Open Doors for Refugees are in Dane County. 
  • Church World Service is working with a group in Platteville to do resettlement there.
Asylum Vs Refugee: 
  • Refugee status is defined by the United Nations and comes after asylum has been granted and justification verified. This process takes 1-3 years.
  • Afghans from August evacuation are not refugees, but asylum seekers. 
  • Afghans have been permitted entry to US through Humanitarian Parole. This gives them 12 months to apply for asylum. If denied or (not received after 12 months) they would be eligible for deportation. In March, the Biden administration granted Temporary Protection Status (TPS) to all Afghans living in the US. This allows them to stay for 18 months and could be extended.
  • The Afghan Adjustment Act is awaiting approval by congress to provide better protection and special pathway for permanent legal status. 
What you can do to help:
  • Advocate for passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act
  • Volunteer! or contact
  • Learn about Islam and Afghan culture and be a model for a gracious welcome and ongoing support to our new neighbors
  • Support an increase of refugee resettlement in the US 
Rev. Peder Johanson
Volunteer Coordinator, Afghan Refugee Response
Wisconsin Council of Churches  
Pronouns: he/him/his
Phone: 608-346-2676 email:
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