Norsk News 11/11/2020
Mount Horeb Rotary Club
Noon, 11/11/2020
This virtual meeting was a little different.  We called it “Happy Bucks Enhanced”.  We spent time talking about what was going on with membership and around town.
In Attendance: Zalucha, Kopras, Wilson, Yauchler, Burns, Burns Smith, Bollig, Helwig and special guest Assistant AG Mike Dillis (Lee Ann made a momentary appearance, too!)
Mike Dillis started us out with an imaginary Publicity Buck. He is the Volunteer Co-ordinator for Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN).  He told us that there were a lot of opportunities for us to volunteer including unpacking food, distributions, delivery and others.  Mike, Julie and Brent are very involved with NHN. Brent has gone through The Emergency Food Assistance Plan (TEFAP) and was very impressed.
Julie talked about how so many groups are pulling together to do expanded support working through NHN and the Community Clothes Closet allowing families to break the cycle of poverty.  She said that the community is now able to  assist with a wide swath of needs that had not been available in one place previously.
A Mount Horeb Rotary Community Grant of $4,600  was matched by a $4,200 grant from District and used for a walk in freezer at the food pantry.
Food comes from many places including Second Harvest Food Bank, Miller’s Fine Foods (3 times a week) and Quick Trip (2 times a week).
The members present were enthusiastic about finding ways to help.  Heidi thought it would be great to create “Rotary Time Slots” so that we could work together and put it on our calendars well in advance.  Mike will take a look at the schedules and will work with Heidi to find out what time is best for the club members.  Were probably looking at starting all this in December.
In the meantime, here is something we can do in November:
Dixie reported on the Community Thanksgiving Delivery program that she co-ordinates.  Some of us were volunteer deliverers last year.  Finks will cook.  Five turkeys will go to Finks from NHN.  Eight BIG pumpkin pies are coming from Costco.  Dixie said that there are usually 45 dinners delivered but since there will not be a community dinner at the Senior Center, she anticipates a lot more.  Dixie will need volunteers to cut pies, pack bags, label bags with addresses and delivery volunteers.  Watch your email.  Once she knows how many dinners need to be put together, she will put out a call for help.  In the meantime, save your brown paper bags with handles from Miller’s for this project. Personal cash donations would be helpful.
Members present at the ZOOM meeting told a bit about what was happening in their lives.
  • Peggy (me) has written an article for a French Watercolor Magazine which should be published in December or January.  I’ll share when it comes out.  I wasn’t going to do it, but Susan Wallitsch said “Peggy!  It’s Paris!... you must!” She’s right, so I did.
  • Susan S. told us that Matt had surgery on the 3rd.  It was scheduled in March but got pushed back because of Covid.  It was to fix an electrical problem in his heart, and he seems to be fine now.  Susan also talked about the District Grant that we are currently writing for Home of our Own.  The garage sale netted around $4,750.  The grant is asking for a match in order to buy handicap accessible playground equipment for the back yard.  Residents will begin moving in in December.  There may be volunteer opportunities to help some of the residents with furniture assembly or other things at that time.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • Brent will be travelling to his home in Sedona with his two oldest sons who are in their 20’s.  He hasn’t had alone time with them since they were boys.  He promised that he will attend next week’s meeting and will show us the view of Sedona Red Rocks from his deck.  He also told us that Bob Falovino approached him about landscaping for the new Village Sign.  The Club share is $260.  Steve and others have made contributions and donations from club members would be welcome.  The Board will discuss at the next meeting in December but talk to Steve if you would like to make a personal donation.
  • Steve reported that after many color considerations, including black, he painted his daughter’s bedroom a light grey.  Peggy suggested that he should get glitter paint to finish off the ceiling.
  • Heidi said hat her daughter McKenna just had her senior pictures taken.  She is graduating a semester early and will start taking virtual classes at UW-Madison in the spring.  McKenna will major in Business.
  • Jim told us that his hunting trip was great. He got a deer. One morning it was -10° then it became 60°!  He listed the meals that they had and said that he was VERY well fed.  They only went to town to go to the grocery store.
  • Dixie added the following: This is a 20 minute story on Veterans Day – Jim’s nephew, Denny Schoville, is one of the speakers. ling Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation's 2020 virtual Veteran's Day program
  • Shawn was very happy to tell us that she is getting close to certification in an emotional stress technique that she has been training on.  She is VERY HAPPY to have been appointed treasurer and is working with Deanna to transfer the books. She agrees that once the books are transferred that we should set them up in QuickBooks online… but that will be down the road.
And, most wonderfully, Assistant District Governor Mike Dillis announced to the club that we have been given a Rotary Citation for “Connecting to the World”
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