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Mount Horeb Rotary Club Board Meeting
7am, March 3, 2021
Yauchler, Zalucha, Helwig, Steinhauer, Wallitsch, Kopras, McNall
Shall we record our meetings?  Motion to record every meeting (Wallitsch, 2nd Helwig).  We’ll take to club at noon.  Brief discussion about method.
Treasurer’s report: waiting for 3 transcripts in order to pay our scholarships.  The Scholarship Committee is in the process of selecting 2021 recipients
We need to decide if we can host exchange students for the 22/23 year.
McNall will transfer Puerto Rico funds from the Foundation account at the State Bank of Cross Plains to the Clubs’ International account so that we can send to Modesto Club when they ask for it. We need to update the foundation board names on the bank signature card.
Valentine fundraiser:  Shall we use for community grants or something else such as scholarships?  We stated that the use was for Community Grants… do we need to stick with that?  Motion to recommend that we put the income into abeyance to pay for upcoming obligations to the club.  (Peggy, 2nd by Mike)
Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  We will continue to send notices to the membership when NHN puts out a call for volunteers.  Best not to commit to specific days or times, for now.
Steve Helwig will be our delegate to the April 18th District 6250 Business Meeting.
President Elect Seminar is coming up.  Susan and Heidi are signed up.
We are looking for a time for our Golf Outing.  Brent is meeting with Deer Valley to discuss optimal times.
Grant Seminar will be held on Wednesday, March 17th from 5:30pm-8:30pm and Thursday April 22nd from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Susan Wallitsch is registered to attend, and Brent is going to try to attend.  Anyone is welcomed to register and attend
Susan and Brent created a synopsis document after the Planning Session.  We will begin discussion about it at the noon business meeting. attached
Mount Horeb Rotary Business Meeting
Noon, March 3, 2021.   Zoom
Yauchler, Pakkala, Zalucha, Wallitsch, Salerno, Burns, Burns, Steinhauer, Kopras, Christian, Christiansen, Wilson, Bollig, Johnson, Wedig T., McNall, Helwig
Assistant Governor Mike Dillis
Brent initially suggested that we hold the Valentine’s Fundraiser proceeds in abeyance to give us time to consider best use of funds.  Intention would be to commit the funds this year.
Discussion ensued regarding the anonymous donation to be used for scholarships.  It was clarified that the donor would fund “up to” the obligated amount if we can’t raise the funds ourselves.  There is the expectation that the club should make every effort to raise the needed funds.  Helwig pointed out that we had budgeted an expectation of around $7,600 to be raised this year and we budgeted for that.  Putting the Valentine money toward budget obligations is in keeping with the intention of the budget.  No vote was required.
Shawn reported that we took in $4,750 from the Valentine’s Fundraiser.  Our expenses were $1971.51.  Our total income is $2778.45.
The Board discussed whether to record and archive our meetings.  A motion to approve was made and seconded.  After further discussion the motion was rescinded.
Concerns included the scope of the concept, location of the videos, which meetings will be recorded (board, club, and committees?). Mike Dillis stated that the District is working on the concept of hybridized meetings and the implications of privacy and best practices.  They are hoping to get a set of Guidelines addressing the pertinent issues by mid-April.
With that in mind, the club tabled the concept until we learn more.
Brent spent the rest of the meeting in discussion of the Visioning Session Synopsis.  (please find attached)
There was a brief discussion of the “Positives”.  We are all encouraged that the members have such good feelings toward Mount Horeb Rotary Club.
In the interest of time, we jumped to the 5 specific areas that need to be addressed.  We started in on
#1) We need to clarify, document and streamline our club structure and decision making. 
Club thoughts: 
  • Standardize our way of making decisions.
  • Build our ability to vote electronically
  • Decide which items are Board decisions and which are club decisions.
  • Want to make sure it all stays fun.
  • Create a task force to review and rebuild structure of the club as needed.
  • Use the club handbook as a jumping off point.
A taskforce was formed with President Elect, President Elect Elect, & President Elect nominee and volunteers.
So Kopras, Wallitsch, Christiansen as well as Christian and Helwig.
We look forward to their suggestions.
Other taskforces will be formed as we move forward with the 5 specific areas.  We will deal with one at a time, in order.
Russ had reminded us that he is still willing to work on a 10K Raffle.  This will be addressed when item #4 comes up.  (#4 We need to find a balance among fundraising, community service and social activities.)
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Mount Horeb Rotary Visioning Session Synopsis

On January 21st, two of our Rotary District Past Governors, Dean Ryerson and Bill Hoel, along with current District Assistant Govenor Mike Dillas, facilitated a Strategic Planning/Visioning Session for the Mount Horeb Rotary members. Members were very open and generous with sharing their excitement and concerns for our Rotary club. Susan Wallitsch has worked with me to help capture the essence of what was communicated during this session and distill it all into a one and a half page summary below. We are very proud of the work our club did that day and very grateful for the guidance provided by Dean, Bill and Mike.

Club Strengths:
*We support one another
*We are hard working, and have a history of success in our projects
*We have interesting, quality programs and speakers, and successfully transitioned to virtual meetings
*We are continuing to function as a group despite the challenges of Covid
*We have experienced, skilled and strong leadership
*We are passionate and creative
*We are brave and fearless
*Our club has diversity of background and experiences
*We have freedom to think and express ourselves honestly
*We have diversity of opportunity, both local and international
*We are proud of our club and to be Rotarians
*We have fun together
*We have genuine and deep friendships, the word “family” was often used
*We take seriously our motto “Service above self”

Club Challenges/Barriers:
*We have strong and passionate personalities, which can make compromise difficult
*We are sometimes “Wisconsin nice” and sacrifice honesty to avoid constructive but uncomfortable discussion
*Our decision making structure and responsibilities are at times unclear
*We tend to follow tradition or spontaneous enthusiasm rather than a planned process
*A desire to be individually recognized which may hamper our goal to “serve above self” *We have experienced jealousy, resentment, irritation, gossip, clicks and bullying at different times among our membership
*We don’t have a permanent meeting place
*We have unclear expectations of club members
*We have unclear expectations and roles for board members and committees
*We have unclear systems and rules for self-governance, and we don’t communicate those systems and rules to our members in a consistent way.
* We don’t have clear and accessible documentation of our systems and rules for self-governance for reference and guidance in the future.
*We are a typical club with an aging membership and with few young members
*We don’t have a clear, we’ll-defined and written plan, training and materials for recruiting new members and retaining members
*Our meeting time may not be convenient for all our members
*Cost of belonging to our club is substantial and may be challenging to those whose membership is not covered by an employer
*We are questioning the balance of our efforts around fundraising, community service and fun, social activities
*Club work and responsibilities are not evenly distributed among our members, and some members may find it difficult to become involved
*Some of our members are indicating they are tired of selling things
*We have conflict over how our funds are allocated, and the process for decision making around use of funds is unclear and unspecific.

Our thoughts and statements regarding forward-looking synergy around challenges to our club at the end of the Visioning Session centered around Five specific areas:
1) We need to clarify, document and streamline our club structure and decision making
2)We need to find a permanent meeting place and establish meeting times that work for all members
3)We need to engage all current members and grow our membership, reaching out to younger community members
4)We need to find a balance among fundraising, community service and social activities.

5)We need to reimagine our fundraising to include other Rotary Clubs and local organizations.

There is a great deal of value and opportunity in the Mount Horeb Rotary Club for our 
membership. We hope that this synopsis is a good starting point for working towards preserving what is wonderful and addressing some of the challenges in our Club.

Brent D. Yauchler President
Mount Horeb Rotary Club

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