Norsk News 8/9/23

P Christiansen, S Smith, S. Helwig, K White, S Bollig, F & S Wallitsch, S Neshlyaeva, P Zalucha, E Grabe.

Happy Bucks

Shawn: Brianna’s going away party. Going to Redding CA, found a place to rent. Paul: For going to his girls’ first concert (KidsBop) last night at the State Fair.


The club received a thank you letter from Mt. Horeb Softball club.

Reminders: the 23rd will be the teacher’s lunch at Violet Room, show up 11:30

Peggy: things are getting done, venue, gift bags, chamber president will be there,

5th Wednesday 8/30 at the Brigham Farm House in Blue Mounds.

Karla has arrived! Message from Judy came in to Shawn. Karla needs a Verizon compatible phone to set up the account. If anyone has a Verizon network phone to give/lend let Shawn know.

10k Ticket Items

31 are left to sell. Discussion about last minute purchases for remaining tickets, and contacts.

Task list for the event:

Assigned work positions fare similar to last year. Table decoration starts at 10, discussion about the floral arrangements, taping down the table cloths.

Sound check around 9:30-10:00

Keith’s 10th ticket update: we have 20 confirmed, 4 not reserved.

2 spots open; Susan Smith will be meeting with Buck and Honey’s

Live auction: Heidi has 4 so far.

Susan: needs another volunteer to count the people coming through the food line so we can track for next year.

Program changes discussed, send revisions to Liz who is working on this year’s version

Peggy: outline for Keith as emcee

Paul: need to have cash on hand for 50/50 and ticket purchases. Check in with Tammy for the 50/50

Peggy: bottleneck with wristbands, we need them.

Paul: concerns about crowd control, signage and opening at 5:30

Peggy: send email reminder day of the event.

Some discussion about the check in, wrist bands verifying who has paid for their ticket. To check and see ticket sales and who has paid look at spreadsheet orange is unpaid.

Meeting continued past 1:00.

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