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Mount Horeb Rotary Board Meeting
7am, April 7, 7am.  zoom
April 7 Board Meeting 7am
In attendance:  Wallitsch, Zalucha, Yauchler, Kopras, Steinhauer, Helwig, Bollig, Christiansen
Susan Wallitsch said that she and her committee are working on the Home of our Own Grant.  She is looking forward to having Rotary host an Ice Cream Social sometime in the Summer so the residents and Rotarians can meet.  Peggy Zalucha, Susan Wallitsch and Susan Smith met in New Glarus to inspect the Rotary Kitchen and begin lists for the grant application.  Pictures attached*.
Treasures Report: Financials Attached*.  At this time four scholarships have been paid and two are still outstanding.  Judy and Shawn are tracking down those students.
Judy Steinhauer reported that all Exchange Programs for the coming year have been canceled worldwide.
The International Committee is working to get the money that was raised for the Puerto Rico Global Grant to the proper office at Rotary International.  Brent and Russ are still working on writing an update letter to GG Contributors.
Our “Every Rotarian Every Year” contribution will not be enough to satisfy District and Grant Requirements.  We will be able to slide by this year but will need to be vigilant in the 21-22 year.  An incentive program is being discussed.
It is time to write the final report for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Grant.  Peggy will take the lead on writing the report.
Overview of the Valentine Fundraiser showed that we brought in $2,700.  We discussed how to utilize the funds.  After discussion and a reminder that we had voted on a budget in the past, we will stick to the budget and will not deviate from it at this time.
Following Motion made as a formality since the budget had been voted on:
Peggy Zalucha made the motion, Steve Helwig seconded.
We will not use the Valentine’s Day Funds for Community Grants.
Membership Committee:  Paul Christiansen  reported that long time member Mark Bohl has resigned. 
Mark Bohl was one of our representatives on the frolic committee leaving just Steve Helwig, who joined in last year.  Brent Yauchler said that he would like to be on that committee when he steps down from his Presidency.  Anyone else like to join?
There will be a Golf Outing on July 30th   Other games will be offered.
Task Force Alpha reported that they are working on  major items.
  • Discuss money outside our budget
  • Budgeting processes and timing, how to streamline grant requests
  • How we vote and who votes on what.
  • How new members are voted in.
De we want to visit Icki Sticki on April 28th?  Yes.
Steve Helwig will be our delegate at the District 6250 Business Meeting
Apr 14, 2021
Apr 21, 2021
Being A Helicopter Pilot in Vietnamese War
Apr 28, 2021 12:00 PM
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April 7 Business Meeting, Noon, Zoom
In Attendance:  Zalucha, Yauchler, Christiansen, Kopras, Salerno, Steinhauer, McNall, Burns, Burns, Wilson, Smith, Wedig, Bollig, Wallitsch, Christian
Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal Report Attached*. Also see Board Minutes above
Youth Exchange Report: See Board Minutes above
International Committee Report: See Board Minutes above
Discussion of Valentine’s Day Fundraiser.  At $2,700 raised, it seems that we are at least $300 short.  Brent said that we did great but if anyone has some outstanding $$$’s now is the time.  Also, we will check if the money has been deposited from the PayPal account.
Followup:  One member found a check written to Rotary but in the excitement of the day, it was never delivered!  $300 added.  Also, the PayPal account had $406.80 sitting in it from the  Fundraiser!  Thus, this spontaneous event (Thanks, Dixie) brought over $3,400 into the club, which will help greatly in this difficult year.
In discussion of funds, Judy asked if we could move money from our Capital account into the Service Account.  It was decided to send the idea to Task Force Alpha which will address this idea before the Budget Meeting.
Steve Salerno reported on Interact.  On Saturday the High School Students will volunteer at Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Sunday they will do the roadside cleanup on 18-151.  All Rotarians are welcome to help.  Monday morning there will be a virtual and in person meeting at the school.  There are about 50 to 55 students in the group.
International Committee:  Russ reported that he is working on sending the dollars raised for the Puerto Rico grant to Rotary International in Evanston.  The Puerto Rico Account has been closed.
Membership:  Mark Bohl resigned.  Paul is planning an exit interview.  He is also working to develop an elevator speech so we can easily introduce Rotary and our Club.  Susan Wallitsch would like to send Mark a card of appreciation for his long time membership.  Please write a line or two and send them to Susan.  She will enclose them into a card to Mark.
Community Grant Committee:  Our Budget has no funds earmarked for Community Grants.  Board discussed this and we will follow our budget and use raised funds for budgeted items only.
Task Force Alpha will review raised funds and address the budget.  Task Force Alpha Members are Susan Wallitsch, Heidi Kopras, Russ Christian, Paul Christiansen and Steve Helwig. Discuss money outside our budget
  • Budgeting processes and timing, how to streamline grant requests
  • How we vote and who votes on what.
  • How new members are voted in.
The Golf Outing will be Friday, July 30th.  Brent is working on fun events during the tournament as well as side games like “foot golf”.
Dixie wants an RSVP for the Icky Sticky Club Conversations meeting on April 28th.  Let her know if you are coming.  There will be sandwiches, quiche and ice cream available for purchase.  We will be viewing the new party room to see if it might be suitable for Rotary Meetings.
April 21st meeting speaker is Dennis Schoville who was born in Richland Center.  He qualified as a U.S. Army aviator and served in the Vietnam War as a helicopter flight section commander.  During that time, he was awarded two Silver Stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts and several Air Medals and Service Awards. 
Rotary meetings encourage guests.  Please invite anyone who may be interested in hearing Dennis Schoville discuss his experiences as a helicopter pilot.
See you at Club Conversations on Wednesday!
Susan S., Peggy and Susan W. meet at Home of Our Own to write a District Grant Request for kitchen wares, furniture and other needs for the Rotary Kitchen area.
The Rotary Kitchen at Prairie Haus, built using a Matching Rotary District Grant.
The beautiful patio just outside the Rotary kitchen.  A grill and a seating arrangement are being requested in our District Grant request.
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