Norsk News 1/6/2021
Norsk News
Board Meeting7am Zoom
Yauchler, Zalucha, McNall, Helwig, Steinhauer, Dillis, Kopras, Bollig, Wallitsch, Salerno
Secretary Report: 23 members at year end.  This is the number that determines our International and District Dues
Treasurer Report: Review Budget and determine categories for miscellaneous items.  Shawn reviewed accounts by line items rather than line by line.  Will review proper allocations for income and expense at next budget meeting.  Will send to all members by noon.
Youth Exchange:  Decision on upcoming events including RYLA will be made in February.  Two students have applied for Outbound.  One student has applied for Short Term Exchange which is a family to family exchange of 3 weeks each way.
International Committee:  Brent will meet with the committee to review details of the Global Grant with Puerto Rico.  He intends to present an overview on January 20th, 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Brent noted that we enjoyed the conversation and games at our last zoom meeting of the year on December 30th.
International Foundation Report:  Peggy reported that  $450 was deposited to the International Annual Fund at year end.
MH Club Foundation needs a new member for the board.  The Club will review bylaws and elect a new member.
Brent has been meeting with Holl, Ryerson and Dillis to create a useful agenda for the January 21st visioning session. 
New Business:
A slate of 2021-22 Officers was presented to the board
            President, Heidi Kopras
            President-Elect Nominee, Susan Wallitsch
            President Elect Nominee Nominee, Paul Christiansen
As required by our bylaws, a vote is being announced and will be held at the next business meeting after this 30 day notice.  A ballot will be sent out and votes will be counted and announced at the February Business Meeting.  Brent is gratified that we have a leadership plan for the next three years that will provide stability for the club
President Elect Training Seminar will be held this spring.  It will be a Mega-PETS with 3 districts coming together.
Our Presidential team is participating in a District Leadership Facebook Group
An anonymous donation has been secured which will cover our 2021-2022 Scholarship Obligations.  This gift of $8000 will greatly relieve our fundraising stress.
Business Meeting, Noon, Zoom, Jan 6, 2021
In attendance:  Yauchler, Zalucha, Helwig, Bollig, Steinhauer, Wallitsch, Kopras, Wilson, Burns, Burns, Pakkala, Smith, Salerno, Rooney
Secretary Report: 23 Members
Treasurer’s Report: Bollig is working on putting together a standard monthly report to share with board and club
Youth Exchange (see board report)
Interact Report: Salerno told that the students had distributed blankets for the Children’s Hospital.  They also delivered cards and donuts to Senior Living Facilities before the Holidays.  They are having Interact t-shirts made.  If you want one, contact Steve…they are only $10.
Program Report:  We will continue to have a business meeting on the first Wednesday of the month.  The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays will be “Club Conversations” and the 3rd Wednesday will have an invited speaker.  Please contact Dixie with any speaker ideas.
International Committee:  Brent is working on an acknowledgement letter to Global Grant contributors to our Foundation.  There will be a Global Grant presentation to our club on January 20th.
International Foundation:  Our “Every Rotarian Every Year” balance is around $1,150.  We need to be fully contributed by mid-April, we will need a total of $2,300 in the account if we want to continue to request District and Global grants.  Contact Peggy if you need help setting up direct deposit.
Mount Horeb Foundation: Term for Foundation board members – 2yr office, July 1st start date.  Peggy has resigned from the Foundation Board.  The Foundation Board bylaws direct the remaining Board members to appoint new member(s) when necessary, as well as hold regular elections.  Anyone interested contact Shawn or Mike McNall (current board members).  Shawn and Mike will review the Mohon Rotary Foundation bylaws to confirm if they need to elect or appoint a replacement for Peggy to the board.
Membership Committee:  Vaughn suggested we have extension meetings at different times so we could include more people. (Satellite club?)
New Business:
  • Reminder of Club Strategic Planning meeting January 21st from 5:30 to 8:30
  • There will be a pre PRTS meeting for all officers Jan 28, 8am
  • The $8000 donation to cover our 2021-2022 scholarships was announced (see Board Minutes)
  • There will be a Grant Writing Seminar on January 16th.  At least one member from our club must attend.
Brent announced a proposed slate of officers.
            President, Heidi Kopras
            President-Elect Nominee, Susan Wallitsch
            President Elect Nominee Nominee, Paul Christiansen
This is official notice of the election which will be held at the February 1st Business meeting. 
E-Voting will be allowed.
Interact Member delivers donuts.
Interact students wrote cards.
Happy New Year!
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