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Rotary Business Meeting
July 14, 2021
Dixie, Jim, Julie, Paul, Susan, Susan, Steve H. Heidi, Brent, Judy, Peggy, Franke, Paul, Russ
New President Heidi opening statement:
Give grace
Find place to meet (resolved)
Keep members engaged
Rotary IQ
Keep it fun
 Why are we here?
Raise some money.
Golf outing July 30th.
Ad placed in the paper, in the paper now.
Will start social media campaign…please like and forward.
Still looking for hole sponsors.
Looking for foursomes to be in place by the 23rd.  Can make payments directly when at Deer Valley, day of.
3 students attended World Affairs Seminar.
Letter from Natalie Broderic who attended the Seminar virtually is  included below.
Tammy is willing to  take over Chairmanship of Youth Committee.
Puerto Rico 
Possibly travel in November before Thanksgiving or late January 2022
First Responder meet and greet in New Glarus at Home of our Own
Rotarians will assist Wednesday August 11, early evening 5ish
Get t-shirts by then.
5 or more people requested.
New Teacher’s Luncheon…August 18th.
Franke’s membership
Board recommends Franke Wallitsch as member
Members approved.
Order Rotary Shirts
Can order a ball cap if you wish.
Budget is related to the task force
Voting process, budget process, committees
Recommending Valentine’s fundraiser and Golfing Fundraiser.
Rollover 2020-21 budget and will amend this budget once the task force has finished their work.
Goal Date is September 30th.
Hoping to install electronic voting.
Russ is sponsoring Wednesday Night Live tonight.
Flowers for Kurt and Tammy, members made donations.
Mount Horeb Rotary Meeting Wednesday noon
July 21
Shawn, Brent, Steve, Jim, Heidi, Susan, Peggy, Julie, Dixie
Happy bucks
Brent, Julie, Peggy
Skal tipping info.
Tip on call-in does not go to in-person server.
Suggest small tip on line and small tip in person.
Please fill out survey sent to you last week.
Everyone likes Skal
Order t-shirt so we can wear them at the golf outing.
Golf outing
We're at 5 foursomes.
4 more were added today.
Hole Sponsorships are $75
"Hole in one” car is in place
50/50 raffle 
Flighted Prizes … we need prizes if you have any to add.
Teacher’s Luncheon August 18 Noon
Methodist Church
Taco Bar 
“Will you sponsor a teacher?"
Task force will present their recommendations next week.
Upcoming Special Event
August 11 Barbque at Home of our Own
August 18 New Teachers Luncheon
September 29th Fifth Wednesday Special Event
December 29th Holiday Party
Jul 30, 2021
Aug 04, 2021
Aug 04, 2021 12:00 PM
Aug 11, 2021
Volunteer to assist at HOOO Picnic to meet residents and first responders
Aug 18, 2021 12:00 PM
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Subject: Re: World Affairs Seminar
Date: July 9, 2021 at 4:27:44 PM CDT
To: Judith Steinhauer <>
I had a really wonderful time at the World Affairs Seminar. I was coming into the seminar with very little, very basic knowledge on the topic: Cities: Urban Life in a Changing World. So, all of the speakers really taught me a lot! I learned all about the different issues in cities all over the world, from environmental issues to safety issues to space management issues and more, and the plethora of ways that even we as individuals can help solve or improve these issues.
We started off strong with Dr. Carriere presenting on day one. I found his topic of "creative placemaking" fascinating. "Creative placemaking" means working to utilize run-down/dilapidated areas to remake them into a functionally and positive part of a community. It often has to do with environmental efforts or charitable work. His examples really showed how anyone can improve their community, even in the smallest ways. Small changes can lead to big changes.
On day two Kevin Miyazaki and Mary Louise Schumacher spoke about their photo and journalism project. It took average people of Milwaukee and allowed them to show their true selves and express their opinions. You could see the individuality in every photo and response, even though the photos were in black and white.
Day two also included the Diplomacy Simulation. I think this was my favorite part of the World Affairs Seminar. We were given an extensive background on a made-up region and its issues with water management, and we were all assigned to different delegations to represent different groups involved in the water crisis. I was the representative of my delegation, and it was such a great opportunity to interact and debate. And it was quite fun, too! We had to negotiate and make compromises; I certainly think it improve my diplomacy skills.
Day three included speaker David Schalliol and his photo project about the patterns of destruction of certain buildings in certain areas of cities. We even got to see his film "The Area" about a residential neighborhood being taken over by the train industry. It was so interesting, especially because we were able to speak with the main subject of the film herself afterwards. Her experience was quite devastating, but her strength was inspiring.
On day four Sean Wilson spoke to us about de-incarceration. It was a thought-provoking issue that really got all of us talking and discussing.
There were multiple keynote speakers on day five, but Razia Jan stood out to me the most. She founded a school for girls in Afghanistan, and is truly an incredible person. She fought for what she believed in: education of girls. She is a true inspiration.
A lot happened on day seven, as well, but I most enjoyed the delegate presentations. All eight student presenters had such interesting topics and deep knowledge.
This was just a brief overview of some of my favorite parts of the week, but a lot of other smaller discussions and mini-lectures took place as well. Every single lecture taught me quite a bit about cities and urban life. And, they provided a broad range of speakers to cover a lot of topics. There was never a dull moment. I also found it so cool to be able to connect with people from all around the world. For instance, I was able to have a 20 minute conversation about city safety on one of the days with someone from Uganda. No where else would I have that opportunity. Overall I think this was an amazing opportunity. It really exceeded my expectations. I would love to do it again one day if I was given the chance to, and I will definitely mention it to my friends.
I want to thank the Rotary Club so much for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I do believe that I will remember this experience for years to come.
Thank you again,
Natalie Broderick
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