Rotary Club of Mount Horeb
PO Box 173
Mount Horeb, Wisconsin 53572
Meets Noon every Wednesday.  Location to be determined each week
Mount Horeb Rotary Club Conversations
Jan 20, 2021
In attendance, Yauchler, Zalucha, Pakkala
Guest Adam Peck, Madison South Rotary, Sargent of Arms
Adam explained his club’s Superbowl Squares Fundraiser.  Info attached.*
We had a brief review of upcoming meetings
Peggy reported on some things she learned at the Grant Seminar.
Mount Horeb Rotary Club
Club Conversations
Jan 27, 2021
In attendance:  Steinhauer, Yauchler, Burns, Burns, Zalucha, Wilson, Bollig, Christiansen, Helwig, Kopras, Salerno, Pakkala
Shawn is paying out the 2020 Scholarships as she receives the transcripts.
Brent said that he, Heidi and Susan W. attended a pre-PETS Zoom meeting with 27 other people.  Mega-PETS will be a grouping of three area districts and will be held virtually March 11th – 13th.
Brent gave a brief report on the Virtual Planning Meeting that was held Thursday, the 21st.  Brent and Susan W. are collating the information and figuring out the next steps. This will be discussed at the next board meeting, Wednesday, February 3rd, 7am.  A zoom invitation will be sent to all.
We discussed how to take a virtual vote for our Board Officers.  Official 30 day notice was announced at the January Business meeting.  Watch your mailbox for a google ballot/survey.  Peggy and Paul are putting it together.
Peggy is working with the Mount Horeb Rotary Foundation members to transfer paperwork and signatures.
Dixie clarified that, for the time being, we will have a scheduled speaker on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Last week, Dixie proposed a Valentine fundraiser.  The club jumped on board.  The plan is to create a gift package with Card, Chocolates, Flowers and Champagne.
Our cost will be in the $50 range with pricing at $100 including pickup or delivery.  It will be a fundraiser for community grants.  The offer is limited to 50 packages.  More details will be discussed at the Business Meeting on Feb 3rd.
* Madison South Superbowl Squares Fundraiser. (grid attached)
The cost for each square is $50. There are 100 total grid positions and I will randomly assign you a location. 
You will be assigned one number from the AFC Team and one number from the NFC Team. The numbers will be drawn via once the entire grid is filled. I will create a ZOOM meeting for the number drawing. Tentatively I will plan on Friday, 2/5 around 2:00.
At the end of the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and final score there will be a winner. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter will be $500. Final score will be $1000.
In order to win you must match up BOTH of your numbers in the ones column of the score.
                Hypothetically let’s say the Chiefs and Packers are playing
                If the score is 6-3 at the end of the first quarter with the Packers winning you would need 6 for Packers and 3 for Chiefs to win
                If the score at the end of the game is 35-28 with the Packers winning you would need 5 Packers and 8 for the Chiefs to win
50% of the money will go to Madison South Rotary Foundation with the other 50% going to the winners
Payment can be done a few different ways. If paying with the first 3 please note “Rotary Squares.” There is No Limit to how many squares one person/family can purchase:
                You can Venmo @adam-peck-14
                You can Paypal to Use friends and family option
                You can Zelle to Last 4 of phone is 1200 if needed
                You can mail Cash or Check to:
                                Adam Peck
                                6202 Canyon Parkway
                                McFarland, WI 53558
Adam will collect and payout the winners and the club the week after the game.
 UPDATE. January 30th

Below is an update for the Super Bowl Squares as well as the attached grid.
We currently have 70 of the 100 squares taken which is fantastic . Hopefully we fill all of them as we have about a week left before drawing the numbers Friday, 2/5 at 2:00.
Here is the plan just in case all the spots are not filled.  Those spots will say "Dead spot" on them. If the numbers happen to come up on one of those locations after one of the first 3 quarters and/or the final score this is what will happen: 1 point will be added to both teams and that will be the winner. If that is a dead spot then 2 points will be added to both teams and that will be the winner. And so forth.
For example: Let's say the Chiefs are winning after the first quarter 13-7. The winning combo would be Chiefs 3 and Tampa Bay 7. If 3/7 is a dead spot then it will shift to 4/8 (adding one to each). If still no winner then 5/9. And so forth.
The payouts would be prorated by the number of entries as well. I am confident we can still get to 100 but just in case that will be what happens. Feel free to ask family, friends, other local Rotarians, or co-workers as well to join. 
Just a reminder you can Paypal/Zelle to or Venmo @adam-peck-14. You can also mail a check/cash to:
Adam Peck
6202 Canyon Parkway
McFarland, WI 53558
815-540-1200 (Cell)
Feb 03, 2021
Feb 10, 2021
Club Conversations
Feb 17, 2021
Dr. Linnea Smith
Feb 24, 2021
Club Conversations
Mar 17, 2021
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.
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