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In attendance:
Burns, Burns, Pakkala, Yauchler, Steinhauer, McNall, Christian, Zalucha
Gest Konnie Jerabak, Presenter and Irv Steinhauer
Konnie continued her presentation from last week beginning with a quick overview.
Brent recorded the session.
You can access it here.
Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested.
Last week's minutes are attached below as a reference as well as important links.
Reprint FromMarch 17th, 2021
Our speaker was Konnie Jerabek from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  She covers many aspects of an 11 county area in NW Wisconsin.  Her job is to help growers find pest and diseases as well as moving product safely.  Her presentation is entitled “They are coming for you…they might already be here!”
She told us about 5 immediate threats:
            Gypsy Moths, they have traps every 3 miles.
            Emerald Ash Borer is a threat to Urban Areas
            Hemlock Scale attacks the Christmas Tree Industry
            Lantern Fly hurts fruit but are not here yet.
            Asian Long Horn Beetle attacks healthy maples and can be moved in firewood – now int the eastern states and trying to remove the risk to Wisconsin.
There are nine other nursery inspectors in the state who often work as a group with vital sharing of information.
Anything exported out of the country needs inspections – mostly in the lumber industry following logs from yard to ship to final port.
Currently they are in the midst of seed inspections.  There is a germination test date on each bag which will show a shelf life.  One can’t sell seed that is out of date, but it can be retested.
Every state has their own method of tracing plants by inspection.
There is a list of invasive plants that was developed in 2015. It is a 5 year list to phase out prohibitive or restricted plants and all should have been dealt with by now.  However, many are still out there.  Some of these plants used to be decorative but now need to be destroyed or moved to a state where they are not prohibited.  see list here.
Non-profits can have unregulated sales once a year.
Below you will find info that Konnie shared: Resources you can use.
Time was up and Konnie had so much more to share with us.  We asked if she could present us with a “Part 2” and it was decided we would forgo our Club Conversations next week and give Konnie an opportunity to do a brief recap and finish her presentation.  The club was in agreement.  We will record the meeting as well as invite the Garden Club and any other interested Community Members to join the Zoom Meeting.
Members who know of someone who would be interested should invite them to join us and send the zoom link to them when it arrives.  You can forward this Norsk News in order to give them a taste of Konnies’  Information.
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Resources You Can Use
… USDA APHIS | Internet Sales  Hungry Pests web site resource. 2020-June 30, 2021, the United Nations has declared this the International Year of Plant Health-IYPH.
Wisconsin Pest Bulletin
Wisconsin Pest Bulletin  The WI Pest Bulletin features timely reports on pests and diseases found around the state, during the growing season. You will find helpful information from scouting reports on Apiary, Grain, Forage, Corn, Soybean, Fruits, Nursery and Forest Crops.  This is a digital newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the page where you can sign up for a free subscription by adding your email. 
UW-Madison Extension Plant Disease and Insect Diagnostic Labs.
Both UW-Madison’s Diagnostic Labs for Pathology and Entomology answer questions from the public and are available via emailed photos or by submitting a sample to their diagnostic lab.  Links to submission forms can be found on their web site.  Sample Collection and Submission | Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic (,           UW Insect Diagnostic Lab - Wisconsin Insect Identification Fact Sheets for commonly found diseases and pests in WI are also available on their web sites. 
Wisconsin’s NR 40 Invasive Species Rule
Here you will find a list of Wisconsin’s Regulated Plants. NR40plantlist.pdf (  Prohibited Plants can’t even be in your possession much less sold, shared or traded.   Restricted as Invasive Plants cannot be sold, shared or traded but can remain in your landscape.   Wisconsin’s invasive species regulations are different from neighboring states.  You can report Invasive Species on the First Detector Network.  Report Invasive Species – Wisconsin First Detector Network
Firewood Resources
WI DATCP Certified Firewood Dealers, Web Page link-DATCP Home Firewood Dealer Certification (  Certified Firewood can be Heat Treated or Seasoned for 2 years. Look for Certified Seal on the label.  Only Certified Firewood is safe to move.  Certified Firewood is legal to move anywhere in WI.
Firewood Scout app identifies firewood sources at your destination.  Your business information can be added to this site if you sell firewood.  Wisconsin’s DATCP Weights and Measures requires a label on firewood offered for sale.  Best to buy it where you burn it.
National Plant Board
National Plant Board Web site showing each state’s Laws and Regulations regarding plant movement into that state.  Click on the “Laws and Regulations” tab and scroll down to the state you plan to visit or states you may order plant products from.  Each state lists their Dept. of Agriculture Plant Protection contact information.   National Plant Board – Laws and Regulations
WISCONSIN (  See what WI requires of all plant sellers shipping into our state.
Slow the Spread of Gypsy Moth Program    Slow the Spread (
Each fall the male gypsy moth count is shown on the STS of Gypsy Moth web site.  Click on the tab for Decision Support, check the box for Catch, change year to 2020, click on the Baselayers tab then check box for Streets.  Zoom in on the map to your location.  Give the map time to load on your computer.
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