Rotary Club of Mount Horeb
PO Box 173
Mount Horeb, Wisconsin 53572
Meets Noon every Wednesday.  Location to be determined each week
Mount Horeb Rotary Board Meeting
7am, September 2, 2020. Grundahl Park
Attending:  Zalucha, Kennicker, (phone), McNall, Kopras, Wallitsch, Prochaska, Fritz, Hellwig, Steinhauer, Christian
Review of Garage Sale and report on Home of our Own,  Application process starts September 8 ( The club will start writing grant soon.
Secretary Report:  Attendance is not being taken but attendees are listed in Bulletin.  Newsletter is now being presented as a Bulletin and will be archived on the clubrunner website.
Treasurer Report: Scholarships are due in January.
$1000 is owed on the new sign at the village entrance.
$1308 capital acct
$19429. International
$16,675 service acct (includes Garage Sale for HOOO)
$4839. operating acct
Paid $1344 for international dues
$500 outstanding dues, please pay.
Youth Report
We are on hold with the Student Exchange Program due to lack of budget
We are also on hold with the Monthly high school students
Mount Horeb Rotary Foundation Report      
CD: $15, 837.   Puerto Rico Fund: $3815.  $3426 cash fund
Christmas Tree fundraiser
            Report from New Glarus seller, disappointing
            Questionaire to members will go out this week
            Discussion of Pancake Brunch, shall we do a carryout.
District Governor will visit September 9th…Zoom only

Mount Horeb Rotary Club Business Meeting
Noon, September 2, 2020. Grundahl Park
Noon Business Meeting.
Attending:  Salerno, Burns(2), Wilson McNall, Rooney, Steinhauer, Christian, Wallitsch, Pakkala, Fritz, Kennicker, Smith, Zalucha, Bollig, Hellwig, Christiansen. (Also  Jovie, border collie and terrier mix rescue.)
Wallitsch reported on Home of our Own.  (See board notes.)
Youth:  Judy reported that we have two students who would like to be outbound when the  program begins again in 2021
Next week is virtual… Todd will send Zoom details.
Frolic fireworks on the 6th, 9:15
Rotary Gear:  Heidi presented t-shirts from “Mark It” with Rotary logo and will bring other items next week to consider
Fundraiser Discussion:
Christmas Tree Lot, 4 weekends with 2 shifts of 4 hours each per member. Would be at the old BMO bank in Viking Plaza. Survey to find out club interest will come out very soon.
Sell 75 trees might net $2000
Have to decide soon in order to secure trees.
More discussion:
Brunch is not off the table.  Could sell ads and maybe have a drive thru meal… or just do ads.
Can’t do both…trees or brunch
Russ Christian spoke about a virtually attended 10K Raffle.  He sent an email to everyone in the club regarding everything he learned.  Please read. 
Questions were asked about why there is no money in our Service Account for scholarships since there is over $12,000 sitting in it now.  What is that money earmarked for?  Todd said that he would get the answer for us. 
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 16, 2020
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District Governor Visits Mount Horeb Club
For Bill Pritchard, his awareness of Rotary did not truly begin until after he had already been a Rotarian for several years.  A district governor-elect asked for a cup of coffee meeting.  During the meeting Bill was asked how many District Conferences he had been to?  Bill’s answer was none, which prompted this follow-up question:  Why would you join an organization that you obviously care enough about to attend meetings with your busy schedule, but not care enough to give even one days-worth of investigation into the ways they serve and give back to their local communities? 
Bill did not have a good answer.  So, he attended his first District Conference in 2010.  And he became AWARE… 😊
That awareness quickly grew to involvement.  Since 2010, Bill has held numerous club and district posts and responsibilities – starting with becoming a Youth Exchange Counselor in his club in 2010 (still active) and the first Ethics Committee chair for District 6250 in 2011.  He has served as the District 6250 Membership Chair, the District 6250 Youth Exchange Inbound Coordinator, and was President of the Rotary Club of La Crosse in 2014-2015.  His worth at the district level expanded to the Zone and Multi-Zone levels – serving as Curriculum Director for the 19 districts of Central States Rotary Youth Exchange as well as the Assistant Rotary Zone Coordinator for Zone 28. 
It is well known that Rotarians do not get involved for accolades (or the pay 😊), but Bill has been honored as Rotarian of the Year by both his Rotary Club (2012-2013) and District 6250 (2011-2012).  He has been recognized for his efforts in the area of Membership (2016) and in assisting with the local area Interact Clubs (2016), and most recently was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Rotary Works Foundation (2015-2016).

When not involved in a Rotary project, Bill is the Branch and Portfolio Manager for Stifel Financial.  When he can, he enjoys finding moments to chase small white golf balls around a golf club near his home in Holmen, Wisconsin when not on his boat on the Mississippi River.  Bill is blessed with two wonderful daughters, hundreds of Youth Exchange Sons and Daughters around the world, and a wife who he adores.
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