Norsk News 5/17
Attendance: P Christiansen, K White, K & S Wallitsch, S Bollig, B Johnson, M Rooney, J Steinhauer, T Wedig, P Zalucha, S Smith. J Burns, H Kopras, E Grabe
Happy Bucks:
Shawn is happy for her daughter’s Law School graduation Suma Cum Laude. Brianna's fellowship project in California helps facilitate the well-being of native children. The program will be focusing on trauma harm and advocacy.
Tammy: happy for the great job the students did last week’s program. Today is Heidi Kopras’ birthday! Tammy is back from her trip to PA where her daughter's significant other plays professional hockey.
Mark Rooney: grateful that he made it back from an epic towing mission to Minneapolis with a fire truck which suffered a mechanical breakdown. The fire truck was purchased to be a support vehicle for RAGBRAI, a multi-day bike tour across rural Iowa.
Brian at Skål had a baby 5 weeks ago and Susan wants the club to put together a baby gift basket featuring baby books.
Heidi has frolic raffle tickets. 3 for $50 or $20 apiece. Please help us well all 150 tickets!
Tonight is the scholarship program at the high school Susan will be presenting 4 scholarship awards including the Albert Grove scholarship.
Tuesday the Interact students are headed to the hospital with the blankets they made and meeting with various professionals at the hospital.
5/31 Our grants award program. 5:30 please RSVP by 5/24. Email reminders will be sent out.
6/7 Frolic hamburger stand set up.
Our exchange student Karla Ruiz Santos from Jaciara, (pop. 28,000) a city in the state of Mayo Grosso in the central west region of Brazil.
Paul announced the club voted to approve the budget.
Keith White’s fundraising idea:
“Reading the Gleanings”
Keith wants us to provide proof of concept. Evening of fun and history with a host and 3 person panel discussion.
Keith’s plan involves a 1-2 hour private event to work it out as an event, then see if it would work as a fund raiser.
Meeting adjourned 1:00
May 31, 2023
Violet Room, Wisconsin Surplus
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