Mount Horeb Rotary Club
Club Assembly Meeting
November 4, 2020
In Attendance:  Wallitsch, Zalucha, Helwig, Kopras, McNall, Burns, Burns, Wedig, Steinhauer, Yauchler, Christiansen, Wilson, Salerno, Bollig, Pakkala and Special
Guest Assistant District Governor Mike Dillis
Most of this meeting was recorded.  We will make this available as soon as we can.
Treasurer’s Report and Comments report by Steve Helwig
Treasurers Report
  • Operating Account: Balance: $5096.58 (No Interest)
    • In: $1546.00 ($1510 Dues plus $36 Happy Bucks)
    • Out: $1388.75 ($1380 District Dues and $8.75 Incheck Fees)
  • Check for ClubRunner mailed 11/3/2020, not cleared - $378
  • No official tally on outstanding dues still owed for 2nd 1/4.  
  • Service Account:  Balance: 12,411.37 (Interest .66)
    • Out: $4645.53 (HOOO Garage Sale Proceeds)
    • $3750.00 (Transfer to Capital for Grant Reimbursement for HOOO Project)
    • $8395.53
    • Check to NHN $4,200 sent week of 10/26/2020, not cleared.
      • Reducing Service Account Balance to at least $8211.37)  
  • Capital Account: Balance: $5058.28 (Interest .08)
    • In: $3750.00 (Transfer from Service for Grant Reimbursement for HOOO Project)
  • International Account: Balance: $19,430.39 (Interest .48)
The board voted to upgrade our Quickbooks Account to allow for multiple users.
Fundraising- We are looking at all possible solutions, several ideas have been presented from members and board. It is a priority and responsibility of our club to address fundraising and we are open to ideas that are feasible at this time.
Moving Forward. Comments by Mike Dillis, District 6250 Assistant Governor
We have an opportunity to align with Club and International Guidelines The Board requested support from District Board in response to the Club Survey.
Future Goals:  Greater common Ground as a group and create a more rewarding Rotary experience.
Mikes Role as Assistant Governor is to Help Support & Strengthen Clubs as well as Report to the DG – Bill Pritchard
District is Aware of Club issues and have engaged District Leadership – DG Bill P & past DG Bill Hoel  who Propose a full Club (Board and membership) Visioning Session facilitated by the two past DGs
As AG Mike would help coordinate and attend
This will be an Independent 3rd party, formalized “program” which has been done for many other District Clubs. Location/timing are details to be worked out
Description of the  High level summary of the Visioning Session:
a. Overview the agenda, desired outcomes
b. Introductions by all: Why did I join the club? Why do I stay? One thing that would improve my desire to stay as a member?
c. Discuss common themes – may prescribe their survey in advance
d. What do we want the club to be now and in five years in areas such as membership, service, fellowship, foundation, and others.
e. What current strengths will help the club meet its goals?
f. What barriers exist to prevent the club from being what it wants to be?
g. Develop action plans to maximize strengths and remove barriers.
h. Develop SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time‐ bound)
i. Next steps and wrap‐up
This session, in addition to getting everyone on the same page would also bring clarity to the restructuring or realignment when it comes to your committees and chairs which has been an area of concern as I understand it.
Mike Dillis described the upcoming Virtual President Elect Training Seminar in March 2021.  He will find out if we can send more that 2 members to the event.
Officer Opportunities presented by Peggy Zalucha        
The first order of business for the reduced Board was to appoint a Treasurer: Shawn Bollig has been appointed to the position and is now a member of the Board and will serve out the term.  Then she will be up for re-election for the 20-21 year.  The books are being transferred and will be totally handed over by November 15th.
The next order of business is to appoint a President and President -Elect By- Laws state that immediate past president should fill the President’s position.  Mike McNall declined so it is the roll of the Board to fill that position.
The Board is now putting out a call for members who would like to be considered for the position of President or President Elect.
In accordance with our by-laws, The President will be appointed by the Board and will finish out the current term. That person will become a Board Member.   A candidate for Club President needs to have attended a President Elect Training Seminar.  Please notify any board member if you would like to be considered.
Section 3 — If any officer or board member vacates his or her position, the remaining members of the board will appoint a replacement.
In accordance with our by-laws, The President-Elect will be appointed by the Board Elect and will become President in 2021-22.  That person will become a Board Member.  A candidate for Club President Elects does not need to have attended a President Elect Training Seminar.  However, that person must attend the PETS in March.  Please notify any board member if you would like to be considered.
Section 4 — If any officer-elect or director-elect vacates a position, the remaining members of the board-elect will appoint a replacement.
Future Meetings. Presented by Heidi Kopras
We have had a variety of different thoughts on how to continue with meetings during these COVID/challenging times.  Everything from taking a break entirely to staying with the same.  
We are proposing that we move forward through the remainder of the Rotary year (through July) at least with one business mtg on the first Wed of the month & one connecting/socializing/potentially a speaker mtg on the third Wednesday.  Both still at noon on Zoom.  After club discussion, it was decided to do a “Social” meeting on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.  Those at that meeting will enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of those present.  Attendance will not be taken but it can be used as a make-up.
Zoom meetings give us the opportunity expand our speaker base. Dixie will continue to work on developing the “Third Wednesday” programs which will happen once a month or 12 times a year.  The plan is for this schedule to continue through the pandemic.
Mike Dillis also mentioned that many other clubs are challenged with Zoom mtgs & are making them engaging & beneficial.  The District is working on some future ideas & we could potentially tap into a broader group of speaker options at a more national/international level.
Membership Conversation moderated by Susan Wallitsch
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