November 25, 2020
Mt Horeb Rotary Club
Fourth Wednesday “Club Conversation” Meeting
  • This meeting may be used as a make-up
  • Attending: Yauchler, Wilson, Kopras, Zalucha, Smith, Wallitsch, Pakkala, Bolig
  • Brief discussion about helping Dixie with her Thanksgiving Dinner Deliveries.  Shall we more formally partner with the Dinner Deliveries in the future?
  • Brent wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. 
    • Although this is not a business meeting, he had lots of things he wanted to run by the club.
    • He’s been having conversations and continues to have them with Board Members and others about what’s been going on in the club and trying to “get caught up”.
    • He discussed the upcoming Visioning.  He has been talking with AG Mike Dillis about this virtual event. District had suggested the 15th or 17th of December, 6 to 9pm. Is that too late?  Overall, we landed on Thursdays and try for a 5pm start.
    • There was pushback from the club about too many conflicts just before Christmas.
    • We’ll ask is we can push it into January.
  • We need to find a President Elect.  Brent is working on it.  We need to have that person at the Visioning and certainly at the Virtual President Elect Seminar in March.
    • Regarding working as a Rotary Unit at Neighbors Helping Neighbors, this is a “GO”!
    • The dates will be December 12 and 26th.  Put it on your calendar and Watch for sign-up information.
  • We discussed clarification of our “Covid Style” meeting Schedule.
    • For now, the 1st Wednesday will be a Board Meeting 7AM, Zoom.  All welcome to attend
    • Also 1st Wednesday will be the Club Assembly, Noon, Zoom
    • 2nd Wednesday will be the “Club Conversations” meeting where all members can chat and catch up with each other.
    • 3rd Wednesday will have a brief opportunity for announcements and then a Programmed Speaker, Zoom Meeting starts at noon, Presentation will begin around 12:15-12:20. Susan Smith suggested a Rotary Peace Scholar as a speaker.  We’ll work with Dixie to formalize this scheduling.
    • 4th Wednesday will be a “Club Conversations” Meeting.  Vaughn asked how we collect Happy Bucks during these meetings.  We agreed that this concept is not intended for “Happy Bucks” type announcements so we are looking for an appropriate name for these social meetings… any suggestions?
    • 5th Wednesday will be the Wednesday before New Year’s.  Heidi is going to see if she can figure out some fun and games for us to play on Zoom.
  • Regarding collecting “Happy Bucks” it was suggested that you add a few extra “bucks” when you pay your dues or if making a year end gift.
  • You will receive a zoom invitation for the Zoom Board Meeting and the Zoom Noon Assembly meeting soon.​​​​​​​
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