Rotary Club of Mount Horeb
PO Box 173
Mount Horeb, Wisconsin 53572
Meets Noon every Wednesday.  Skal Public Haus, 209 E. Main, Mt. Horeb
Mount Horeb Rotary Board Meeting
7am,August 4 2021    Icki Sticki
Attending:  Zalucha,  Kopras, Wallitsch, Hellwig, Steinhauer, Yauchler
Secretary Report:  Secretary is concerned about a couple of members who are not attending regularly.
Treasurer Report:
Account balances as follows:
Operating:  $7,671.56
Service:  $4,898.18
Capital: $5,054.30
International: $2,244.361st quarter dues are due. 
Some members are in arrears.
We received a $1000 donation from District to encourage sponsoring Youth Exchange
Youth / Interact
Good to see the four-some of interact Students at the Golf Outing.
Social/ PR Committee
Committee is working on New Teacher's Luncheon, August 18, Noon,   Mount Horeb Methodist Church, 9542 Co Hwy S, Mt Horeb, WI 53572. Because our dues do not include the cost of lunch, each Rotarian will need to make a reservation and pay for for their $10 lunch.  If you wish to support the event further, you may be a sponsor.
Mount Horeb Rotary received a matching grant from District 6250 to pay for kitchen items and furniture.  Peggy, Susan W. and Susan S. will go shopping on the weekend.  We have around $9,5000 to spend.
Volunteer Rotarians have been asked to come to Prairie Haus on Wednesday August 11th to assemble furniture, stock kitchen, serve food at the First Responder Dinner, to9ur and meet the residents of Prairie Haus.  Separate invitation has been sent.
Heidi reported that her survey results are positive about SKAL.  We will continue to meet there.
Aug 11, 2021
Volunteer to assist at HOOO Picnic to meet residents and first responders
Aug 11, 2021
Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce
Aug 18, 2021 12:00 PM
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Executives & Directors
President Elect
Board Member
Youth Exchange Officer
Past President
Vice President/President Elect Nominee
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Mount Horeb Rotary Club Business Meeting
Noon, August 4, 2021
Noon Business Meeting.
In Attendance:
Erin Ulrich Telsaan Tea, Guest
Helwig, Wilson, Wallitsch, Zalucha, Burns, Christian, Zalucha, Bollig, Pakkala
Happy Bucks:
Pakkala, Helwig, Bollig+3, Wallitsch
Gabriella is coming to visit on the 20th!
Dues are Due.
Golf Outing net about $2200
Account Balances (see above) do not include golf income, district and international expenses.
In the future we will receive an updated budget report each month.
We may start up student Rotarian program again, depending on School covid recommendations.
Need to make a plaque for Rotary Scholarship recipients.
There will be a Social at Prairie Haus, New Glarus honoring First Responders
August 11
Rotarians are invited to volunteer on several levels.
1.  Right after our noon Rotary meeting we can go to Prairie Haus and put together patio furniture that has been purchased with our District Grant.  
2.  Come at 4 and assist in the Rotary Kitchen; organizing tthe kitchen and preparing food for the evening
3.  Come at 5:30 to assist in serving residents, First Responders and guests
Please let Susan Wallitsch know if and when you are coming.  email Susan here  
Teacher's Luncheon is August 18
There will be 23 teachers as well as administration, mentors, Rotarians and guest Interactors.
It will be tacos catered by Aztalan.
Gift bags include Chamber brochures and any swag that members wish to add.
Rotarians will pay $10 for their own lunch and may sponsor the event with an additional check.  School District is a major event Sponsor.
An Invitation and Reservation form will be sent out soon.
Meeting finished up with members making brief statements about why they are Rotarians.
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