Board and Club Business Meeting 12/2/2020
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 Board Meeting Attendance:  McNall, Kopras, Zalucha, Wallitsch, Helwig, Steinhauer, Bollig, Yauchler
Noon Business Meeting Attendance: McNall, Wallitsch, Zalucha, Yauchler, Pakkala, Christian, Steinhauer, Christiansen, Bollig, Wilson, Salerno
Secretary Report:  Peggy will begin plugging attendance data into ClubRunner.  Meetings average from 8 to 12 people.  We now have 23 members.
Peggy will continue to take minutes for both the Board and the General Noon meetings.  All minutes are archived on the first page of Club Runner.
Youth Exchange Officer Report:  Judy is waiting for details regarding World Affairs Seminar.  We paid for last year but it was canceled.  This year it may be both virtual and in person.  A decision will be made February 1st regarding the future of th 21/22 Youth Exchange in.  AT this time, we have a student who will participate in an outbound exchange in the fall of 2021, if held.
Judy has been contacted by our former Exchange Student Raphael.  He is in need of some financial assistance.  Please see addendum and give some consideration to helping!
Treasurer’s Report:  Shawn is getting started on the accounts.  Things are resolving nicely.
She said that Deanna left us meticulous files.
Account Balances:
International Account $19,430.39
Capital Account $5058.28
Operating Account $5,496.58
Service Account: $8,211.37
Some dues have come in for Second Quarter.
Signature transfers have been completed at bank.
US Mail will be picked up daily by Brent’s representative. Motion for approval by Helwig, Second by McNall, unanimous.
Mount Horeb Foundation Report
General Cash Account $3,426
Puerto Rico Relief Account $3,815
CD $15,856.95. set to roll over Jan 21, 2015. Board will decide how to handle this.
Peggy will step off the Foundation Board at the end of the year.  A new Board Member will be elected. The Foundation ByLaws have been posted on the Mount Horeb Rotary Website.
The Club needs to step up and fund our Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) giving.  In order to qualify for International and District grants we need to donate $2300 annually ($100 x 23 members). At this point, we have donated $700.  Any member can sign up for Rotary Direct and have their gift automatically deducted.  There is a direct link on the Website Menu Bar.
District Grant: Susan Smith, Susan Wallitsch and Peggy Zalucha submitted a District Grant requesting matching funds for Home of Our Own using dollars raised by the Garage Sale in August.  We are disappointed to learn that the call for grants was a mistake by District.  We will rewrite and resubmit the Grant request in the spring.
Brent is working on a plan for succession.  He explained that the club needs stability of leadership in the club.  We lost three board members this fall.  Yaucher and Bollig were appointed to the board.  Today, the third seat was filled when Christiansen was appointed the third member.  Motion and Seconded, unanimous: Paul Christian Board Member at Large 2020-2022
Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Mike Dillis  asks members to contact him directly by email. First come first served 😀. He will put them into the volunteer SignUp system which will kick them out an exact time slot and a description of the role that I have signed them up for. A separate e-mail will be sent with details.
Brent noted that, from the response from the Doodle Poll (about 50%), the Visioning Session will be on either January 21st or the 28th.  5pm to 8:30. If you haven’t responded to the poll, please do so.  If you can’t attend, just fill in your name but do not pick a date.
Brent will check in with Dixie about the Speaker Schedules for the coming months.
Julie Wilson noted that all of the bikes were assembled for the Giving Tree.  There were more Rotary volunteers than there were bikes, even.
Can we help Raphael?  Judy received this email.  Please give this some thought.
Hello Ms. Judy
I'm hoping you can help me out with fundraising needs. I'm doing well this semester at UW-Platteville. I'm taking a lot of intro courses, and computer science courses, too. Learning from Nigeria certainly has its issues with technology and the drastic time zone change, but so far I've made it work. I got sticker shock when I was sent the remaining balance of my tuition bill, though. Due to the pandemic, the UW system had far less in grant money and scholarships to give to international students. I thought I budgeted accordingly with my sponsor, but was awarded $3500 less than expected. I feel badly asking anyone for money, but definitely want to try to finish out my semester and that means getting this bill paid. Perhaps if many people donated a small amount, I could take my balance down quickly. 
Thank you for your help. The best way to contribute toward my bill is to contact UW-Platteville's cashier office; the website says that anyone can use the automated telephone payment system 24/7 using my 9-digit student ID: 157922899
The telephone number to call is: 866-456-4956 
Bless you,
Club Members, Raphael is one of the brightest stars in our Youth Exchange Program.  He lives in poverty in Nigeria, going to virtual school at Platteville in the middle of the night because of the time change.  Initially he was taking classes in software engineering using his phone but Judy, Irv and the Sailors  (host family) chipped in and got him a computer.  There is a possibility that there will be a “go Fund Me” site set up for him but for the time being, if you wish to help, call the number in his letter.
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